Robin Miller - 'Catriona's Butterfly Wish' - Digital Single

Robin Miller - 'Catriona's Butterfly Wish' - Digital Single

Lossless Wav and MP3 - 'Catriona's Butterfly Wish' is the first single from Robins the forthcoming 'Beelines' album which will be released by Fox Star later this Summer. Robin recorded the album in a single afternoon session with no overdubs.

Robin creates a natural beautiful sound with little adornment and has an effortless way in simultaneous melody and rich open-tuned chordal parts.

The track references the holy trinity of 60s British fingerpicking (Jansch, Renbourn, Graham) and displays more than hint of Hebridean heritage while reflecting influences from around the world.

This is contemporary roots guitar playing at his best – eclectic, warm and soulful.