Starry Skies - Be Kind - Vinyl

Starry Skies - Be Kind - Vinyl

Starry Skies - Be Kind was released in 2018 and tracks from the album featured on radio stations worldwide and led to the band being asked to play the Saturday night headline slot of the IPO Festival in New York's East Village.

The record was the album of the week for a range of radio shows and was included in some respected end of year best of year lists.

"UK Artist of the Week" - The Vinyl Directory (Washington DC).
"Among the finest of the current crop"… Clash
"full of upbeat and uplifting pop - perfect for all seasons" - Rough Trade Records
‘Starry Skies’ Single of the week – Afternoon show - BBC Radio Scotland
‘Album of the week’ - Roddy Hart Show;
‘Album of the week’ - BBC Radio nan Gàidheal