Album Launch Show - 12th December 8pm

Album Launch Show - 12th December 8pm

Warren and Heather will be playing the new album 'Do It With Love' live as a stripped-back on-line studio-recorded show.

It is being filmed and transmit live in real time on Sat 12th Dec at 8.00 pm - 9.15 pm from Maybank Studios where 'Do It With Love' was recorded.

It will be a professional event with multi-cameras, light show, costumes changes (three at least) and PRIZES. Warren & Heather will play the whole album live, some older Starry Skies songs and finish off with a few future starry songs that no one has heard yet.

For maximum sound/film quality it'll be broadcast thro' a private YouTube Live Stream so you can watch it on your big telly, laptop, tablet etc.

Once a ticket is purchased and e-mail provided then a private link will be sent to allow entry into the show. There will be prizes.

The show is taking place following the most up to date coronavirus health and safety guidance for filming and recording.